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Alpha release Fri, 14 Jun 2002 17:07:26

OK here is the first alpha release for HostServ-1.00. Many new features have been added around the irc things ( such as HTTP server support ). During the next alpha releases we will introduce dynamic command- rebinding- facilities, etc. .
Ah... and drink more tabasco.

hostserv-1.00-a1.tar.bz2, hostserv-1.00.tar.gz

POST support Fri, 21 May 2002 21:52:09

Finally HostServ is able to process HTTP/1.0 POST requests. Basic configuration via your favourite browser has also been implimented. A basic `script engine' has been introduced. HostServ-1.00 should be ready for a test-release in a few weeks.

Command reference Fri, 26 Apr 2002 22:39:09

Florian Speidel wrote a little command reference for HostServ. You can grab it from CVS. Thank you Florian!

FreeBSD issues Mon, 22 Apr 2002 19:16:52

Recently Florian Speidel pointed misbehaviour of HostServ with FreeBSD 4.5 out. This was caused by an integer which changed sign. A fix has been made and a patch uploaded ( http://prdownloads.[...]/hostserv-0.99-pre6-fbsd.patch ).

HTTP Support Wed, 03 Apr 2002 17:46:49

The latest CVS version of HostServ supports HTTP server abilites. Currently only 2 http methods are supported: 'GET' and 'HEAD'. After method 'POST' and PUT' is integrated we will start implementing little dynamic webpage abilities making hostserv configureable via browser. Until then are no releases planned. Of course you are invited to join us or test the latest CVS version.

HostServ pre-release Mon, 2002.03.05 15:11

I have uploaded 2 archives in which the well-known 'configure' script gets used. This means you don't have to worry about config.h editing anymore.
  • hostserv-0.99-pre2-1.tar.gz

  • hostserv-0.99-pre2-1.tar.bz2

  • Speed optimized HostServ Sun, 2002.03.04 11:30

    The latest release of HostServ ( 0.99-pre1 ) introduces a complete new IO layer combined with a string- class replacement named 'IRCToken'. This class is about 3-8 times faster than the GNU string implementation. Along with this class comes a new IO buffering layer. In spite of prior versions heavy memory moving is no more. I hope you will recognize the gained speed improvement.

    HostServ 0.0.3 released Fri, 2002.01.01 01:26

    Removed lots of nasty bugs. Enjoy it.

    kino.mod released Fri, 2002.12.30 01:10

    kino.mod is an eggdrop plugin. Clicky click kino.mod.html ... Logo
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